About Doole

Doole is a platform for medical virtual visits that strengthens the link between patients and health professionals, providing added value to the patients while optimizing resources in terms of time, costs and distance at both ends as well as allowing access to new segments of care as well as outpatients.

An App powered by Doole is user friendly, versatile and adaptable. For patients it works as an App for Android and iOS, where they can have access to all their health related information, including medication, reminders, individualized recommendations for specific pathologies as well as medical reports, analysis or tests results, and directly interact with their health care providers. From the health centre perspective, Doole enables the center to store in one place all information related to a patient and the data is managed from a backoffice accessible from any internet browser and from a specific App. Additionally, Doole can be used in environments with limited bandwidth.

Main Features



The backoffice, for the management of data, is accessible from any internet browser, does not require of any installation and it is multiplatform.

All information is integrated with the existing healthcare center information system, stored and accessible from one place, allowing health care providers to efficiently manage data, patient cases and all needed information.

Who We Are

Doole was born in 2015 from a clinical and medical need identified at the Fight AIDS Foundation (Barcelona), which was wanting to offer a more comprehensive, adaptable and higher quality health care experience to its more than 3,000 patients. The clinical expertise and close relationship that the Foundation maintains with its chronically ill were key in mapping the needs and translating them into the development, validation and implementation of a fully functional, highly adaptable and user friendly software to manage any medical condition.

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